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Discussion groups are where CORE participants can share information and stories, ask questions, learn, and collaborate. Open discussion groups can be accessed by any member of CORE; closed groups are available by invitation only.

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Provincial Working Group: Indigenous Relations

This is a closed group for the Indigenous Relations Working Group members. This group is for sharing documents and engaging in discussion.


Provincial Working Group: Information, Referral, and Personal Advocacy

A Working Group bringing together staff and volunteers working in information, referral, and personal advocacy roles/programs in BC.


Provincial Working Group: Nutritional Supports

The goal of the Nutritional Supports Working Group is to increase awareness of and support for programs that provide nutritional supports to older adults in BC.


Provincial Working Group: Rural and Remote Communities


Provincial Working Group: Seniors Community Action Committees (SCAC)

This group is for local seniors' planning and action committees to connect with each other and share project information, tools, resources, and ideas.    


Provincial Working Group: Seniors Transportation

This is a closed group for the Provincial Seniors Transportation Working Group to share documents and resources with other members. The Seniors Transportation Working Group focuses on older adults'


Public Policy Institute 2022 Cohort

This is a closed group for members of the Public Policy Institute 2022 Cohort. This group is for sharing documents and engaging in discussion with cohort peers. 


ReThinking Aging - Thriving Through the Life Course

ReThinking Aging - Thriving Across the Life Course is a new initiative of the United Way of the Lower Mainland that explores how we can shift societal thinking to view aging through a more realistic,


Safe Seniors, Strong Communities for Healthy Aging Funded Programs

This is a closed group for UWBC's Healthy Aging funded programs, staff and funded agencies for the "Safe Seniors, Strong Communities" ("SSSC") initiative.


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