Peer Learning, Coaching, and Mentoring

One of the purposes of Healthy Aging CORE is to promote and facilitate opportunities for peer learning. There is considerable knowledge and experience in the network of healthy aging staff, volunteers, and allied professionals, and there is much to be learned from each other. Some of this learning will take place through structured events, such as webinars and workshops, while other learning will be informal, through discussion groups and relationships that develop through connecting on CORE.

Whether simply sharing information and resources, taking the time to answer questions, or engaging in more lengthy discussions, coaching sessions, or mentoring relationships, we hope that all CORE users will share their expertise as time and capacity allows.

CORE is based on reciprocity and designed for give and take – contributing the information, knowledge, and skills that we have, and acquiring information, knowledge, and skills that we need. This is how we can make our individual work in healthy aging more effective, as well as work collectively to strengthen the sector.

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