Featured Community Programs

Community based organizations provide seniors with access to a range of low-barrier programs in seven core areas: 1) nutritional support; 2) health and wellness programs; 3) physical activity; 4) education, recreation, and creative arts; 5) information, referral, and personal advocacy; 6) transportation; and 7) affordable housing. These programs and services are offered through a range of municipal and non-profit agencies including: senior centres; community centres; neighbourhood houses; community coalitions; ethno-cultural organizations; and multi-service non-profit societies. 

The community programs profiled here, although not exhaustive, provide examples of the excellent work being done by the CBSS sector and the role these programs play in promoting health and wellbeing, and fostering resilience for seniors. They are a small sampling of the range of programs available in communities across the province, and were selected to represent the range of core areas, innovative models, and different areas of the province.

To have your organization or program profiled, please complete the Featured Community Programs Submission Template (click here) and return to admin@healthyagingcore.ca.