TAPS – Therapeutic Activity Program for Seniors

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The Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors, commonly known as TAPS, is a wellness program located in Creston, B.C. The program primarily supports isolated seniors who are experiencing barriers in accessing community resources.

While TAPS uses a similar model to most adult day services offered through health authorities, its work with older adults focuses more on health promotion, wellness, and socialization. In addition, while TAPS’ participants may have cognitive impairments or health conditions, they generally have lower healthcare needs than those in traditional adult day services.

If TAPS participants end up requiring a higher level of care, they are referred to the local health authority adult day service. The TAPS program operates Monday to Friday, and most participants attend 2-3 days a week. TAPS calls participants each morning to check-in with them, to see how they are doing and to arrange for transportation, if needed. The organization has two vehicles they use to transport participants who live within 15 km. Activities are organized in the morning and afternoon and usually alternate between a physical activity (e.g., swimming, walking, tai chi, etc.) and an educational/creative activity (e.g., singing, computer lessons, etc.). Lunch is provided every day for a cost of $6 to participants. Anyone is able to refer someone to the TAPS program and applicants are interviewed to see if they are a fit for the program.

Three full-time staff members work for TAPS. They are supported by 16 active volunteers, who are primarily seniors themselves. There is a larger pool of an additional 20 volunteers who help at special events or other fundraising activities. TAPS gives other seniors an opportunity to volunteer and create peer connections, and training is provided once a year to volunteers, plus additional workshops. Currently TAPS is funded through grants (federal, provincial, and regional), individual and community donations, and planned giving. Participants who require transportation to the program more than twice a week also pay a monthly transportation charge of $25. The total cost for the program is approximately $150,000 per year (approximately $2,500 per person per year for an average of 60 clients, which is about $15-25 per person per day).