Recorded Webinar: CBSS Provincial Consultation - COVID-19 Rapid Research Response

United Way Healthy Aging, Dialogues in Action
From United Way
Description / Summary

On November 25, 2020, United Way Healthy Aging (UWHA) and Dialogues in Action (DIA) hosted a Provincial Consultation in BC to review the findings of a COVID Responses and Learnings Study. Throughout Fall 2020, UWHA and DIA supported a team of researchers to conduct 60 one-on-one interviews, 16 group interviews, and a broadly disseminated questionnaire with leaders in the CBSS sector in BC, as part of the study. The aim of this project was to discover how CBSS organizations have been able to respond to the needs of BC's most vulnerable aging adults during the COVID-19 pandemic. This Provincial Consultation allowed for participants to: - learn about the preliminary findings of this important research - consider the implications of the findings in small discussion groups - provide input about the meanings of the findings and possible recommendations.