Recorded Webinar: Modular Construction - A Suitable Option for Seniors' Housing?

Untied Way British Columbia
From United Way
Description / Summary

This webinar was held on April 6th, 2022 and focused on some basics of modular housing for seniors site development and operation. The provided information on what modular housing is and is not; how it can provide affordable, accessible, and or supportive housing solutions for older adults; considerations involved in planning, development, and operation; and best practices and examples of this in British Columbia.


James Broadhead, Nomodic With over a decade of experience as a sales and business development leader in the construction industry, James Broadhead has worked with clients all over the world. James is passionate about conveying the benefits of modular and prefabricated construction in helping clients and communities fulfill their visions. Since joining Nomodic in 2019, he has helped guide the completion of multiple housing projects in British Columbia and throughout Western Canada. Before joining Nomodic, James served as a Business Manager for Britco (Black Diamond Group).

Sherri Crane, Support Specialist, Brightside Community Homes Foundation For over 25 years Sherri has had a person centered approach to supporting vulnerable adults to live independently throughout the Lower Mainland. Sherri spent many years leading Independent Living support services in Community Living. Most recently Sherri has joined the Affordable Housing sector at Brightside Community Homes Foundation to assist residents with disabilities, older adults and those who are vulnerable to homelessness with information and access to support services and opportunities for social connections in their community.

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