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Resources on CORE include checklists, toolkits, reports, studies, videos, and other materials on topics relevant to those working or volunteering in support of healthy aging and older adults independent living.

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Monitoring Seniors Services 2022 report release

Office of the Seniors Advocate

The annual OSA Monitoring Seniors Services report is now available! This year’s report reinforces the need to scale up B.C. seniors’ services to meet the growing demands of the aging population. Read the report to find out how seniors’ services and supports have performed over the past year,

How to Make Time to Care for Yourself with Self Care and Boundaries

Family Caregivers BC

Caregivers Out LoudWhen was the last time you felt truly rested? For caregivers, making time for self-care can feel almost impossible with all the other demands on your time. And yet, it is an essential skill to learn in your role as a caregiver. In our final episode of the season, we look to why se

Siblings Sharing the Care

Family Caregivers BC

When caring for a family member, established family dynamics and unresolved or new conflicts tend to be common pitfalls. How can we “share the care” without creating unnecessary struggle? It all comes down to family members making key decisions together; reaching consensus on dividing the caregi

How to Begin a Formal Mindfulness Practice

Kate Landreth

It is one of the most powerful practices and rituals in my life, and also the most challenging. It requires dedication, consistency, patience and curiosity. It is a practice of paying attention {to breath, or a concentration point}, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgementally. It is simp

Coping with Challenging Emotions Mindfulness Practice

Family Caregivers BC

Mindfulness Practice Time: 15-minutesKate invites you to practice self-compassion when exploring coping with more challenging emotions as a caregiver.This practice today builds on the webinar, Coping with Challenging Emotions as a Caregiver.Watch Here

Loving-Kindness Mindfulness Practice

Family Caregivers BC

Mindfulness Practice Time: 13-minutesKate guides you through a meditation practice with the aim of cultivating loving kindness within, also known as metta. As you begin to breath and settle your body she encourages you to approach your thought with acceptance, curiosity and kindness.Watch Here

Emotional Boundaries

Family Caregivers BC

Wendy Johnstone for our Facebook Live Learning Session. Wendy will discuss the importance of setting emotional boundaries as caregivers and what it really means.Additional resources:Why Boundary Setting is Important for Caregivers How to Set Boundaries as a Caregiver Watch Here

Strategies for Creating a Stress Free Caregiver Holiday Season

Family Caregivers BC

The holiday season can add to the pressures of caregiving bringing with it increased activities and expectations. Often we spend time reflecting on past years and it can bring up the significance of the losses we experience in our caregiving roles.How can you enjoy yourself and at the same time avoi

Reducing Holiday Stress

Family Caregivers BC

For many of us, December marks the start of holiday gatherings and festivities, making it feel like “the most wonderful time of the year.” Some family caregivers, however, may find themselves singing a different tune (think: “He’s a mean one, Mr. Grinch”).While holidays bring opportunities


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