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Belonging Matters is an award-winning community development approach that fosters a sense of belonging and generates senior-led self-organizing projects. Regional projects have effectively addressed issues such as elder financial abuse, senior isolation, affordable housing, newcomer integration, homophobia, poverty, mental health and addictions, love fraud in seniors homes and much more. If you would like to learn how to unleash the strengths and talents within your team and the seniors you serve, this training is for you. Our next live training events are 9:30 am to 4:00 pm (light refreshments and a practical workbook included):

  • How to Unleash Dormant Talents (April 17th) - In this training, you will learn our proven tools for unleashing strengths and talents in groups. Through strength-based practices, you will enhance your capacity to build the scaffolding needed to build the voice, dignity and leadership of the people you serve. As well, you’ll learn practical steps for building supportive networks and creating resource kits that are accessible and culturally relevant.
  • Engage Diversity: Convening Tools and Practices (May 1st) -In this training, you will learn our proven roadmap to engage diversity for your projects and programs. You will learn about the pitfalls to avoid and a unique 5-step formula that has a track record of working with any demographic and generating high turnout and engagement!

To find out more and to access our seniors sector discount, email and visit our website at or watch these videos:

SHAW TV, TEDx TALK (Afghan Elders and Innovation), How local senior address elder financial abuse