Fall and Fall-Related Injury Risk Screening and Assessment Webinar Series: Indicators, Implementation and Evaluation (Webinar #3)

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LOOP Fall Prevention Community of Practice

Webinar description:
The first and second webinars in this series detailed the evidence and best practice for fall risk screening and assessment. Now that we know what to do, how do we ensure it actually happens?

In this third and final webinar in the series, Dr. Sarah Richmond will present the work being done to identify, prioritize, and specify population-level falls indicators. These indicators will facilitate reporting on falls and inform the development, implementation and evaluation of public health programs. Then Denise Beaton will present a multifaceted implementation and evaluation strategy to promote uptake and use of the BC Fall Prevention: Risk Assessment and Management for Community-Dwelling Older Adults clinical practice guideline.

Webinar series description:
Falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospitalization and death in Canada. It’s important that practitioners and clinicians address the risk of falls and fall-related injury in older adults with a consistent, evidence-based, and practice-focused approach to fall risk screening and assessment. Currently, there are several clinical practice guidelines for the prevention, assessment and management of falls and fall-related injury in older adults in use or in development across Canada.

This webinar series explores the commonalities and gaps of existing fall risk assessment and management guidelines, practical applications of fall and fall-related injury risk assessment and screening guidelines and pathways, and how to facilitate system wide, integrated, and consistent response to preventing falls and fall-related injuries among older adults.

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