Participant Recruitment: “Staying Apart Together” - assistive technology research and older adults

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KISSS-AT, University of Victoria

CanConnect is a unique and easier-to-use communication technology that was specifically designed for older adults, caregivers and their loved ones to help ease the challenges that can arise when aging at home.

Why Participate in this Study? CanConnect's multidisciplinary team is at the cutting edge of assistive technology research and older adult care. Because participant insights will directly influence government policy makers, non-for-profit technology companies, and other health care professionals, your contributions will have a real impact in reducing the suffering of our older adult populations.

What are Participants asked to do? Participants will receive (and get to keep) a free iPad with CanConnect already installed and a customized case developed with older adults in mind. You will then take part in a short interview on whether the technology met your needs and what improvements can be made.

Support from CanConnect's team of experts, a fact sheet and a tutorial video on the use of CanConnect will be provided. By bringing together older adults, family members, and their caregivers to explore CanConnect technology, this study aims to support the lives of older adults living in British Columbia by assessing whether CanConnect can help improve mental well-being and reduce feelings of social isolation.

Who can participate in the study? Any older adult wanting to use CanConnect technology (55+ years and still living at home independently).
Friends, family members, neighbors and other informal caregivers who provide regular support to an older adult.


Contact Dr. Gord Miller, Project Coordinator or or 250-893-5869 if you have any questions.

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