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Discussion groups are where CORE participants can share information and stories, ask questions, learn, and collaborate. Open discussion groups can be accessed by any member of CORE; closed groups are available by invitation only.

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United Way and Men's Sheds Association of BC Collaboration Group

This is a closed group for MSABC (Men's Sheds Association of BC) and United Way British Columbia. For networking among Men's Sheds, visit the general Men's Sheds group.


Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors (TAPS) Programs

Therapeutic Activation Program (TAPS) for Seniors online Community of Practice (COP). This is a closed group.


Technology Resource Library (Tech Corner)

This group is for those interested in diving a bit deeper to explore innovation and aging with a more focused lens on technology.


Technology Partnership Committee

This is a closed group for members of the Technology Partnership Committee. This Committee is focused on keeping older Canadians connected, engaged and active through technology.


SSSC HUB Response Agencies

This is a closed group for resource sharing and discussions among "Safe Seniors, Strong Communities" (SSSC) HUB Agencies.


Social Prescribing Programs

Social Prescribing online Community of Practice (COP). This is a closed group.

Social Prescribing Network


Seniors' Transportation

This group is focused on sharing information, resources, and solutions related to seniors' transportation.


Seniors Community Action Committees

In many BC communities, groups of seniors have come together to form seniors' planning, advisory, or action tables or committees to give older adults a voice in community planning and decision making. This site is an open discussion area where  these "Seniors Community Action Committees" can exchange information and ideas, share news and resources, and hold discussions on topics relevant to their operations and activities.


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