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[Research Study] Allies in Health - Health and Adult Development lab UBC

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In the Allies in Health study, we are aiming to better understand how groups of individuals and their study partner (referred to as dyads) navigate their everyday activities and how dyad members shape each other’s health. Through this study, we hope to learn about how study partners navigate everyday life individually and together as a team.  

 Should you choose to participate, you will be invited to participate in an online session during which we will explain the study procedures followed by self-paced online questionnaires asking questions about your background and social relationships. Then, for ten days, we will ask you to complete two 15-minute questionnaires per day: one in the morning and one in the evening. These brief questionnaires will ask you questions about your current context (where you are, people around you), your thoughts and health behaviours. You will also be asked to have a blood draw done. At the end, we will schedule another online session and ask for your feedback on the study. All components of the study are entirely optional, and you can discontinue the study at any time. Should you decide to participate, you and your study partner will each receive up to $150 in Amazon gift cards.  


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  • Date

    Jul 03, 2024

  • By

    UBC Psychology - Allies in Health


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