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Altogether Better Working Together to Create Healthier People and Communities (UK)

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Altogether Better has delivered an innovative two year programme funded by the Big Lottery Fund (UK), working with citizens and services keen to find new ways to improve the health and well-being of their local community. Citizens have joined the work as volunteers in different ways in different settings:

  • Practice Health Champions who are recruited and supported as a group to work closely with their General Practice to create new ways for patients to access non-clinical support
  • Young Health Champions working across a wide geographical area to identify and develop ways for young people to more actively engage with and influence their own and their community’s health
  • Pregnancy and early years Health Champions who are interested in giving children a better start
  • Health Champions working within a specialist, hospital-based NHS service.

As a result of this work the lives of over 1,100 Health Champions and 1,000 citizens have been strongly affected in 7 project areas across 3 regions working in 30 different General Practices. Over 17,000 people have attended an event or group, with many regular participants benefiting from a plethora of champion groups and activities.

  • 86% of champions and 94% of participants in the programme reported increased levels of confidence and well-being.
  • 87% of champions and 94% of participants in the programme acquired significant new knowledge related to health and well-being
  • 98% of champions and 99% of participants in the programme reported increased involvement in social activities and social groups
  • 95% of practice staff involved with the programme would recommend it and wish to continue.

These figures are based on responses from 561 champions, 304 participants and 101 practice staff.

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    Aug 12, 2019

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