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En Route for the Next Expression of Interest Deadline

Thinking of working with an Innoweave coach? Is the timing right for your organization? Have you identified a specific need or question you’d like to explore? If so, you might want to :

  1. Study the coaching stream that is of interest to your organization on the Innoweave website
  2. Take the self-assessment test to double check if you are in a good place to benefit from the help of a coach
  3. Register your organization on the Innoweave application portal and get ready to apply.
  4. Join an Innoweave Ask Us Anything session!

We know that online descriptions cannot answer all the nuanced questions that you might have. So we are organizing a series of “Ask Us Anything” sessions. They are designed in a very open way: you come with your question for us to explore, and you also benefit from the answers we might provide to others. These sessions aim to clarify the last questions you might have before submitting an application. They will be bilingual and are planned on the following days and times. Please register to the session that works best for you.

Register to an Ask Us Anything session

Application Deadline Coming up December 15

Innoweave invites you to apply! The first stage of working with us is submitting an Expression of Interest. This short application helps us assess whether your project and the timing seem like good fits to benefit from the kind of coaching that Innoweave supports. Then, those who are successful at this stage will be invited to the Request for Support stage.

The next Expression of Interest application is December 15. Don’t wait till the last minute ! Our hope is to get back to all before the holidays... so that you get plenty of time to submit a Request for Support on February 1st!

Successful submissions in this round will typically begin work in April 2023.


Click Here to Apply

  • Start Date

    Nov 16, 2022

  • End Date

    Dec 16, 2022


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