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[Canada Wide] Contemplative Changemaking Grants

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To support the use of contemplative approaches by grassroots change-makers addressing urgent community needs, Mind & Life launched the Contemplative Changemaking Grants program in 2022.

Contemplative Changemaking Grants, of up to $10,000 for a 2-year period, fund small-scale, impact-oriented work undertaken by individuals, community workers, and non-profit organizations that ground themselves in contemplative practices to achieve real impact in people’s everyday lives. 

Inspired by the Francisco J. Varela Research Grants—established by Mind & Life in 2004 to support scientists and scholars conducting contemplative research—the Contemplative Changemaking Grants are a critical component of Mind & Life’s work to “inspire action toward flourishing.” Through the grants, we encourage the expansion of contemplative practices and their benefits beyond the individual and into the community. 

Given the unprecedented challenges of our time, proposals will be encouraged across broad domains, including civic engagement, climate action, economic empowerment, education, physical and mental health, and social inclusion. In the face of growing climate-related stressors, including eco-anxiety and eco-grief, Mind & Life is increasingly interested in nature-based contemplative practices. We encourage projects with a focus on mindfulness in nature and nature connectedness to apply. Our hope is to support those seeking to integrate contemplative approaches into their work as a means of building resilience and agency for their community.

The impact of the grants—and the stories that emerge from these projects—will help to increase visibility and momentum around the role of contemplative practices in promoting positive social change.  

  • Funder

    Mind & Life Institute

  • Start Date

    Jan 01, 2024

  • End Date

    Feb 01, 2024


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