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[Article] Celebrating AccessAbility Week with Improvements in BC Parks

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To celebrate National AccessAbility Week this year, we’d like to share recent accessibility upgrades in BC Parks. Accessibility improvements are an important part of our Commitment to Inclusion and help make provincial parks more safe, welcoming and enjoyable for all park visitors. 

Last year for Accessibility week, we highlighted the introduction of a Mobi-Mat and floating chair to Christina Lake Park, which helps visitors with mobility challenges enjoy the sand and water alongside other beach users. This year, we’re sharing accessibility upgrades in six parks, including significant landscaping and amenity upgrades at Jimsmith Lake Park and Rosebery Park Campground in the Kootenay-Okanagan region, and new accessible washroom and shower buildings at Little Qualicum Falls Park and Miracle Beach on Vancouver Island. 

AccessAbility-Week-May-holdover-800x800.pngNew playground with accessible features at Jimsmith Lake Park


At Jimsmith Lake Park, BC Parks staff added a Mobi-Mat option and recontoured the beach to make it more accessible for all beachgoers. New playgrounds and washroom facilities with accessible features were added to both Jimsmith Lake Park and Rosebery Campground, and various other amenities, including picnic tables and parking lots, were added or upgraded in both locations.  

Photo of a wood and green plastic playground in front of a forest, with a new concrete parking lot in the foreground.

Photo of a newly paved road winding through a forested campground, new waste and recycling bins on the righthand side and a new outhouse in the distance.New playground and paved campground road at Rosebery Park

New accessible outhouses were added to Meziadin Lake Park and Kinaskan Lake Park, and new shower and washroom facilities were built at Little Qualicum Falls. 

Photo of two new rustic wooden outhouses.

Photo of a new washroom facility with two doors and a slanted roof.New accessible outhouses at Meziadin Lake Park and Kinaskan Lake Park.

Photo of a modern outdoor washroom and shower facility with a slanted wooden roof and two doors.

Photo of two modern outdoor washroom and shower facilities across from each other.New accessible washroom and shower facilities at Little Qualicum Falls

BC Parks continues to strive to make provincial parks inclusive and welcoming for all people, and meaningful consultation with community organizations is essential to helping us achieve this goal. If you are a member of a community organization and want to help us realize our vision, please contact parkinfo@gov.bc.ca

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  • Date

    May 29, 2024

  • By

    Government of BC


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