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[Article] What Trends Will Impact Charities And Nonprofits In The First Quarter Of 2024?

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Donation challenges, CEBA repayment prospects, inflation-driven increases in demand & the housing crisis are some of the trends we’re keeping an eye on this quarter

Last year, this blog series covered a range of topics, from rising immigration numbers to the climate crisis and insurance challenges. In this first edition of 2024, we are going back to basics and checking in with some of the main issues that have been impacting the sector over the past few years: the labour shortage, increasing demand for services, and financial challenges. We also look at ways the housing crisis is impacting the sector and its workforce. 

New insights on skills gaps in the nonprofit sector’s workforce

The latest results of the Canadian Survey of Business Conditions (CSBC) show that 44% of nonprofits expect labour issues to be an obstacle over the next three months. While this number has decreased from 50% in the previous quarter, it remains high.1 

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  • Date

    Feb 07, 2024

  • By

    Imagine Canada - Cathy Barr & Emily Jensen


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