COVID-19 News and Information Sources

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At this critical time, we must all take the necessary precautions to suppress the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), and to particularly protect vulnerable people and older adults who are more susceptible to complications from this virus. Practicing physical distancing and good hygiene, while staying informed are basic things that everyone can do. We hope that you, your staff and volunteers, and those you work with stay safe and healthy during this time. The following is a list of useful, reliable information sources and resources regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19):
  • Public Health Agency of Canada: On their website you can find factsheets, infographics and information sheets on topics such as: How to isolate at home when you have COVID-19; Vulnerable populations and COVID-19; How to care for a person with COVID-19 at home; Handwashing; and How to be prepared for COVID-19
  • BC Centre for Disease Control: The BC CDC has extensive and up-to-date information on the Coronavirus, including answers to common questions. They also have handouts with information available in multiple languages.
  • HealthLinkBC: HealthLinkBC has information sheets available on the coronavirus in 9 different languages.
  • Province of BC: The province has created a phone service to provide non-medical information about COVID-19, including the latest information on travel recommendations and social distancing. Information is available in more than 110 languages, 7:30 am - 8 pm at 1-888-COVID19 (1-888-268-4319) or via text message at 1-888-268-4319.
  • BC Ministry of Health: This online self-assessment tool, developed with the BC Ministry of Health, will help determine whether you may need further assessment or testing for COVID-19. 
  • World Health Organization: Their website includes current information, resources, and advice on the Coronavirus, including answers to common questions.
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