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[Impact Story] GrandPals Program Spotlight

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Program Spotlight


From Pen to Heart

A big thank you to Baycrest for writing and sharing this story.

Since February 13, 2023 GrandPals living at Baycrest’s long term care home have been connecting with two Grade 5 classes at St. Margaret Catholic Elementary School. The GrandPals Program began with bi-weekly letter writing between GrandPals and students and has since developed into a hybrid program where Baycrest welcomed both Grade 5 classrooms on-site on May 10.

The Creative Arts Studio staff at Baycrest facilitated a creative map-making session using the imagery of maps as inspirational modes of creative expression. Through the language of maps, students were able to brainstorm along with their GrandPal to create a map that represented time and space and their visual and literal languages that evoke storytelling. Intergenerational programming through art-creation and participatory arts can elicit memories and connections between one another in addition to being a great ice breaker as a first meet-n-greet.

The session was a great opening to in-person connections after months of getting to know one another better through letters. It was a wonderful springboard for deeper connections and the GrandPals, students and teachers look forward to each session.


Above photos: GrandPals and students meeting in person for a guided activity, using map and image making for shared learning, storytelling and friendship.

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    Jun 02, 2023

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