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[News] Pet project: animal companionship important for B.C.’s older adults

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As people enter their golden years, it can be as good a time as any to add companionship in life in the form of a furry friend.

Maybe you are still agile and active, looking for a pet to go on hikes with. Maybe you are looking more for a quiet companion who offers a gentle presence.

With age, there are important things to consider when looking to bring a four-legged friend into your life, but there are also many benefits.

Elain Genser recently lost her 16-year-old canine companion, Jakob, and is now actively looking to foster or adopt a senior dog. For her, the immense hole in her life that the loss left only further illustrates the benefits of having a pet.

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  • Date

    May 08, 2024

  • By

    Sam Duerksen | The Chilliwack Progress


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