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[Proposal Invitation] Urban, rural and northern Indigenous Housing Strategy

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Urban, rural and northern Indigenous Housing Strategy

Indigenous governments and organizations are invited to submit proposals for the establishment and management of the National Indigenous Housing Centre. This initiative is aimed at improving housing conditions for Indigenous people across urban, rural, remote and northern regions.

National Indigenous Housing Centre Request for Proposals Launch

In Budget 2023, the Government of Canada announced $4 billion in funding to implement an Urban, Rural and Northern Indigenous Housing Strategy and establish a National Indigenous Housing Centre. This Strategy is based on Indigenous-led engagements with Indigenous governments, organizations and housing providers. The Strategy’s focus will address the greatest housing needs of Indigenous people living in urban, rural and northern areas.  

This funding will be delivered directly through: 

  • First Nations, Inuit, Métis partners
  • modern Treaty Self Governing Indigenous Governments
  • a new Indigenous-led National Indigenous Housing Centre

Indigenous governments and organizations are invited to submit a proposal to establish and lead this first ever Centre.  

Within the scope of the Strategy, the successful proponent will develop and propose the overall vision for the National Centre's structure, governance, partnerships and other activities. This responsibility extends beyond administering funds and reporting.  

It's up to the successful proponent to define these elements, reflecting the uniqueness and versatility of this role. They aren’t confined to a single predefined concept. These aspects include: 

  • structural design of the Centre
  • operational model
  • mandate development
  • partner collaboration
  • funding recipient selection
  • fund disbursement
  • additional service provision

CMHC’s part in the Urban, Rural and Northern Indigenous Housing Strategy 

The 2021 mandate letter from the former Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion emphasized the Canadian Government's dedication to collaborate with Indigenous partners. The aim was to jointly devise an Urban, Rural, Northern Indigenous Housing Strategy, a unique supplement to the National Housing Strategy, bolstered by specific investments. This initiative also included the establishment of Canada's inaugural National Indigenous Housing Centre. CMHC is helping to fulfill this commitment and is working with Indigenous partners to co-develop the Strategy.  

Improving the quality and affordability of housing for Indigenous Peoples living in urban, rural and northern areas is a priority for the Government of Canada and an important commitment on the path toward reconciliation. 

CMHC supports these engagements in collaboration with Indigenous Services Canada, Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada and Infrastructure Canada. 

CMHC is pleased to support you in submitting a proposal – all inquiries and questions must be directed exclusively to the Contracting Authority, Christine Brown, Senior Procurement Advisor: procurementsourcingteam@cmhc-schl.gc.ca  

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    Feb 07, 2024

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