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[Research Opportunity] Invitation to collaborate with the University of Ottawa on a research study promoting pneumococcal vaccination among older adults

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Researchers from the University of Ottawa, led by Dr. Giorgia Sulis, are conducting a web-based study to learn from people aged 65 or older about their experiences, attitudes, and beliefs about pneumococcal vaccines (pneumonia shot), as well as to assess participants’ willingness to be vaccinated and actual vaccine uptake. People aged 65 or older, who reside in any Canadian province, live at home (i.e. outside of nursing homes or other institutions), have not received a pneumococcal vaccine, and can understand English and/or French, are welcome to participate. If you or someone you know meet these characteristics, please consider contributing! Participation involves filling out two online questionnaires (~15 minutes) and, if asked to do so, watching a short video. Based on your interest and if selected, you may also be invited to a telephone interview to hear more about your experiences with the study and pneumococcal vaccines (10-15 minutes). 

For more details and to enroll in the study, please visit the study website: <https://omc.ohri.ca/PROPEL/Default.aspx>

The PRomoting Older adults’ Pneumococcal vaccination through Education and Learning (PROPEL) Study

Assessing Barriers to Pneumococcal Vaccination to Increase Vaccine Uptake Among Older Adults: A Web-Based Educational Intervention

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    Jun 19, 2024

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