The 2021 ParticipACTION Report Card on Physical Activity

Description / Summary

This year’s edition examines the impact COVID-19 has had on physical activity levels and highlights how Canada faces a physical inactivity crisis deepened by the pandemic.

Public health restrictions meant that active commutes to work or school (e.g., university, college), going to the gym, participating in recreational activities and other once accessible ways to stay active either became less of a priority or were no longer available. It’s no surprise that only 12% of Canadian adults spend less than eight hours of sedentary time per day (Grade: F) and 44% are getting less than three hours of light physical activity per day (Grade C+).

It’s not the time to be still, let’s work together
for an active Canada!

The health of Canadians is directly linked to their social and mental well-being, sense of belonging and inclusion, and ability to be productive and feel part of a community, all of which can be positively impacted just by being active.

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