2022-23 Better at Home Evaluation - Request for Proposals (RFP)

United Way British Columbia
From United Way
Description / Summary

United Way British Columbia (UWBC) is requesting proposals to evaluate the 82 Better at Home programs across British Columbia.

The evaluation framework will be designed to examine and report on the community context, implementation, service delivery model and overall impact(s) of Better at Home on seniors, volunteers, families/caregivers, organizations, and communities.  It will also expand on previous evaluation outcomes and recommendations.  The overarching objective is to see and communicate the effects and changes resulting from the Better at Home program on the people and communities it is designed to serve, as well as recommend opportunities for improvement.

Applications must be submitted via email by 4PM on November 30, 2021 to:

Kahir Lalji, M.A., CPG Provincial Director, Government Relations & Programs, UWBC kahirl@uwbc.ca


Cathy Holmes Provincial Community Planner, Population Health, UWBC cathyh@uwbc.ca