Addressing Stigma: Towards a More Inclusive Health System (2019)

Public Health Agency of Canada
Description / Summary

Every year, the Chief Public Health Officer writes a report on the state of public health in Canada. These reports raise the profile of public health issues and stimulate dialogue. They can also lead to action in improving and protecting the health of Canadians. This year’s report first provides a summary of the overall health of Canadians, including how different populations experience poorer health. The rest of the report focuses on stigma, one of the reasons for these differences.

In addition to the full report, there is an accompanied one-page guide or 'Action Framework' on what the health system can do to address stigma. In the Framework document, the table includes non-exhaustive examples of stigma practices, interventions and potential outcomes taken from relevant literature.

See attached PDF documents for the Action Framework and full report. More information about the development of the report can also be found at the attached website link.