Charity Insights Canada Project

Carleton University's Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership
Description / Summary

Carleton University’s Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership (MPNL) faculty team is launching a major five-year research project that will change our knowledge about the charitable sector in Canada.

Through weekly surveys, the Charity Insights Canada Project—Projet Canada Perspectives des Organismes de Bienfaisance (CICP-PCPOB) will collect and share accurate, relevant, and timely information about the Canadian charitable sector. The data generated through this work will support the long-term economic viability, impact, and resiliency of the sector by assisting policymakers in making evidence-based policy decisions, developing data capacity for practitioners, and expanding knowledge of Canada’s charitable sector for all stakeholders, including the general public.

The CICP-PCPOB, led by Dr. Paloma Raggo, faculty in the School of Public Policy and Administration and the Sprott School of Business, is launching thanks to a transformational investment of $3.4 million from the Muttart Foundation based in Alberta, the Lawson Foundation and the Metcalf Foundation both in Ontario, and the Vancouver Foundation in British Columbia, and a donor who prefers to remain anonymous.

This historic project brings together a diverse group of foundations to co-invest in a shared cause. This collective effort is unique and underscores the importance of the project and the value it can bring to communities across the country. The donor consortium is made of partners supporting our work and has demonstrated unparalleled leadership and long-term vision for the sector.

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