The experiences and needs of older caregivers in Canada

Paula Arriagada
Description / Summary

Most of what is known in the caregiving literature focuses on seniors as care receivers rather than care providers. This study uses data from the 2018 General Social Survey on Caregiving and Care Receiving to examine the experiences of caregivers aged 65 and older, including the types of caregiving activities and number of hours spent caregiving. In addition, the paper focuses on the rewards and stress experienced by older caregivers. In this study, older caregivers are people aged 65 and older who reported that, in the previous 12 months, they had either (a) cared for or helped someone who had a long-term health condition or a physical or mental disability, or (b) cared for or helped someone who had problems related to aging. While the data were collected prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the results are important as they highlight the many challenges senior caregivers already faced. In the current context, these challenges could even be heightened. 

Subject Area