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Family Matters: Grandparents in Canada

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Understanding the ways in which grandparents contribute to their families and interact with children and grandchildren is key to assessing community and cultural well-being in Canada.

As structures and demographics of families in Canada continue to evolve, grandparents play an important role in family life. Information about grandparents is important for several reasons. Grandparents caring for their grandchildren enable parents to be employed. They also support their children and grandchildren in other
ways—emotionally, financially or sharing household responsibilities. Grandparents are also a cultural link to the past. In turn, grandparents depend on their children and grandchildren for care and emotional, financial, and health or household support

There were 7.5 million grandparents aged 45 and older in Canada in 2017—the highest number since the data
started being collected—according to the General Social Survey (GSS) on Family. This was up from 7.0 million
in 2011 and 5.4 million in 1995.

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