Highlight: The Thrive Project - Healthcare utilization and health outcomes among older adults living with HIV

Thrive, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
Description / Summary

Thrive is a Community-Based Research study that aims to measure trends in healthcare utilization and health outcomes among older adults living with HIV (OALHIV) overtime and estimate potential gaps in care.

The Thrive team is currently recruiting OALHIV who have ever accessed or attempted to access home and community care. The team is conducting qualitative interviews in order to document the experiences of OALHIV accessing home and community supports and will interview HIV care providers, peer navigators and social workers to gain their perspective on what facilitates or creates barriers for older adults living with HIV in accessing home and community care services. The team's aim is to comprehensively assess how OALHIV manage their health and navigate the health systems in BC. These findings will be applicable to the local, national and international context as PLHIV continue to live longer with HIV. They also aim to identify potential strategies to overcome barriers to accessing HCC services. The team is working alongside community partners and healthcare stakeholders to develop interventions to improve health outcomes and support OALHIV.

This study will yield rich and robust data which the researchers will share with their key target populations including clinicians, community care providers, academic experts, policy makers and community members living with HIV. Their knowledge to action plan will foster more dialogue and create tangible change around care provision for OALHIV. 

For more information about the Thrive project, click here.