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Knowledge Translation among Canadian Researchers in the Field of Physical Activity

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The mission of Active Aging Canada is to support lifelong healthy active aging of adult Canadians through participation, education, research, and promotion. Our mission is supported by one of our key roles; the facilitation of knowledge translation of active aging research into practice. This process is guided by our knowledge to action framework [Appendix I] and the vehicle by which this framework will be mobilized is our newly created online community of Canadian practitioners, facilitators, administrators and researchers with a shared interest in sharing, disseminating, and applying knowledge of the key role of active aging in healthy aging. This community of practice (CoP) will facilitate the movement of pertinent knowledge to those who work with older adults and to older adults themselves.

In order to shape and guide this new initiative, an initial step was to gather information of our member’s knowledge translation understanding and practice, and to conduct a needs assessment of their involvement in this CoP. In recognition of the high percentage of older adults who do not meet recommended physical activity levels, in spite of the significant role of physical activity in healthy aging, we made the decision to begin our exploration of the translation of active aging research into practice within the field of physical activity. This report focuses on the knowledge producers (researchers) with the goal of information gleaned from the assessment surveys helping shape and guide our CoP in providing effective and maximum support to active aging researchers disseminating and putting their work into practice.

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    Jan 08, 2020

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    • Physical Activity
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    • Service Providers (Non-profits, Community Organizations, Local government)
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