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Non-Profit Leadership: It's all about Trust

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Reversing a historic decline in public trust in nonprofits and charities and advocating for a stronger future. 

Buffeted on all sides from seemingly endless waves of controversies and challenges, nonprofit leadership in Canada finds itself increasingly under the microscope. Public trust in the sector has reached new lows in recent years, and, with donations in decline and as the sector grapples with issues around transparency, accountability, and the lack of diversity at the highest levels, we’re asking: Is it time for a leadership refresh in the nonprofit sector?

Tune in to this special episode to find out.

Meet Our Guests:

  • Bruce MacLellan, CEO, Proof Strategies
  • Steven Ayer, CEO, Common Good Strategies
  • Matt Fullbrook, Founder, Fullbrook Board Effectiveness
  • Jessie Williams, Director of Business Development and Communications, New Relationship Trust
  • Trish Mandewo, President and CEO, Synergy Executive & Boards
  • Paulette Senior, CEO and President, Canadian Women’s Foundation
  • Dr. Wendy Cukier, Founder, Diversity Institute
  • Mark Blumberg, Lawyer, Blumbergs Professional Corporation
  • John Hallward, Founder, GIV3
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  • By

    Charity Village

  • Published

    Apr 26, 2023

  • Subject Area
    • Funding Development
    • Non-profit / Charitable sector
    • Safety, Security, Finances, & Personal Planning
    • Organizational Development
    • Leadership, Training, Coaching, Mentoring
  • Audience
    • Academics
    • Funders
    • Government (Politicians, Policy Makers) and Health Authorities
    • Service Providers (Non-profits, Community Organizations, Local government)
    • Caregivers, Seniors & Volunteers
    • Government
    • Health Authorities
  • Category
    • Best Practices
    • Policy, Planning, & Procedures
    • Organizational development
    • Leadership & Development


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