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PEARLS Community-Based Depression Treatment Implementation Toolkit (Revised 2018)

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The PEARLS Program is a community-based treatment program using methods of problem solving treatment, social and physical activation, and increased pleasant events to reduce depression in physically impaired and socially isolated people. PEARLS is an empowering, skill-building approach. When you learn a new skill, no one can take that away from you, and that is part of what makes PEARLS such an effective approach. As a member of the team implementing PEARLS, you will be instrumental in empowering individuals in your community with new skills.

PEARLS is based on three fundamental principles:
 What a participant is experiencing are symptoms and the symptoms are due to depression.
 There is a close link between depression and unsolved problems.
 Increasing participation in social, physical, and other pleasant activities will lead to a decrease in depressive symptoms.

By working with PEARLS participants to help them define and solve their problems, become more socially and physically active, and experience more pleasant activities, their symptoms of depression can be decreased. PEARLS provides a concrete, easy-to-learn and empowering approach to solving problems and reducing depression. Research and case studies, described later in this section, have demonstrated the impact that this program has had on the lives of the clients who have participated.

Developed and researched by the Health Promotion Research Center at the University of Washington, in close collaboration with local community partners, this PEARLS Implementation Toolkit is now available to help you implement the PEARLS program in your community.

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    May 27, 2019

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