Recorded Webinar: BC Provincial Summit on Aging Preview Keynote: The Frome Project - A Community Approach to Addressing Isolation that Works

United Way British Columbia
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Description / Summary

As a sneak preview for British Columbia's upcoming Provincial Summit on Aging in April 2022, a series of 60-minute virtual international keynotes and discussions were held virtually. The keynotes focused on programs that were developed in other countries and have inspired and informed some current initiatives in B.C., but will be of interest to those interested in healthy aging anywhere in Canada.

This webinar took place on November 16th, 2021 and featured:

  • Patrick Abrahams (UK Men’s Sheds)
  • Julie Carey-Downes (Health Connections Mendip - UK)

Since it began a collective project to combat isolation, the area around Frome in Somerset, UK has seen a dramatic fall in emergency hospital admissions. The program’s success is based on making routine use of social relationships - the most effective intervention for improving health and longevity. The impact of this holistic approach has resulted in the Frome Model of Enhanced Primary Care gaining worldwide attention, and serving as a model for other communities. In this session, you’ll learn how, through paying attention to people’s community networks, Health Connections Mendip reconnects people to both their own supportive network and the extensive community activity that already exists.