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[Report] AgeTech Ethics and Equity

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SFU STAR has produced a new report titled AgeTech, Ethics and Equity: Towards a Cultural Shift in AgeTech Ethical Responsibility. STAR received funding from AGE-WELL's Catalyst Funding Program in Healthy Aging (see funding announcement news release here) in 2023 to carry out a project on ethical design and practices in AgeTech research with national (University of Toronto, University of Waterloo) and international partners (University of Dundee, Scotland). The report was developed following the project's first three international workshops. Four national workshops are taking place between October 2023 to Spring 2024. Check back for information on upcoming workshops and how to get involved. 


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1 AgeTech,-Ethics-and-Equity-Final-01-24.pdf
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    Feb 14, 2024

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