Report on housing needs of seniors (2019)

Employment and Social Development Canada
Description / Summary

This report provides a national picture of seniors’ integrated housing needs (when possible by gender, age and region). In addition, the report offers an overview of current Canadian and international initiatives that assist seniors in addressing integrated housing needs. It also examines the potential linkages between the housing market conditions in Canada and seniors’ integrated core housing need. Within this context, the main types of housing initiatives that assist seniors living with mobility impairments or a broader range of disabilities, including financial initiatives to address housing needs, are examined. This report builds on work undertaken by the FPT Seniors Forum on ‘Planning for Aging in Place’ from 2013 to 2016, which included the development and dissemination of a series of tools, factsheets and videos to support and inform an individual’s plans for aging in place, which can be found on Promoting the labour force participation of older Canadians.