Self-Management BC

Rhonda Carriere
Description / Summary

Self-Management BC provides free patient education for adults living with chronic health conditions and their caregivers throughout BC. Our programs are evidence-based and offered in community group workshops, as well as in an individualized telephone-based format with the Self-Management Health Coach Program.  In person community group workshops meet for 2 ½ hours each week for six weeks, and are offered for Chronic Conditions Self-Management (CCSMP), Chronic Pain Self-Management (CPSMP), Diabetes Self-Management (DSMP) and Cancer: Thriving and Surviving (CTS).  CCSMP and DSMP are also offered in Punjabi and Chinese languages, and all programs are available in First Nations communities.  Self-Management Programs are lead by trained peer leaders who teach participants how to understand and manage their health symptoms, set goals and solve problems, make healthier eating choices, become more physically active and communicate effectively with health care providers.  Workshops are designed to enhance regular medical treatment and patient education and give people the knowledge, skills, and confidence to manage their health.  The CCSMP was named a leading practice program by the Health Council of Canada in 2012.  Self-Management BC is supported by the Province of British Columbia and administered by University of Victoria – Institute on Aging & Lifelong Health.  All Program Brochures are attached to this listing.  For more information go to: or call 604-940-1273 in the lower mainland or toll-free in BC 1-866-902-3767.