Squamish Men’s Shed: Health by Stealth Video Series

Squamish Men's Shed Society
Description / Summary

This video series was produced by The Squamish Men's Shed Society and was created to inform and promote the importance of men's health. 


Introducing the Health by Stealth Series Vol. 1



01 Funeral Planning 101 by Mark McKenzie | Health by Stealth Series Vol. 1

If a death occurred to someone I love, would I know what to do? It's a question that we may face one day.



02 Glaucoma and AMD by Dr James Bart McRoberts | Health by Stealth Series Vol. 1

Dr. Bart McRoberts will speak on Glaucoma, sometimes labelled as the “silent thief of sight” and on Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) – the leading cause of significant visual acuity loss in people over age 50. Dr. McRoberts will address the causes, treatment and prognosis of both. diseases.



03 Healthy Aging by Kahir Lalji | Health by Stealth Series Vol. 1

An overview of Quality of Life through the life course including physical, biological, social, mental and spiritual health.



04 Better at Home Program by Christina Rupp | Health by Stealth Series Vol. 1

The Better at Home Program is province wide program funded by the Government of BC and managed by the United Way of Lower Mainland to help seniors remain independent at home and stay connected with their community.



05 Stopping Adult Abuse by Ken Kuhn | Health by Stealth Series Vol. 1

This presentation speaks to the signs and risk factors of adults who may be experiencing, or have been impacted by abuse, neglect and self neglect. The abuse can be financial, physical, sexual or psychological.