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[Toolkit] Essential Care Partner Toolkit

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Essential care partners may be supporting their family or friend with some of their basic care needs while they are in the hospital. These resources will provide you with some of the key information on how you can help. Before you provide care to a patient in hospital, please discuss it with the health care team and they will provide you with training to do so safely.



private number iconSupporting oral care, bathing, changing and more.

Infection Control

private number iconPutting on and taking off personal protective equipment.

Meal Support and Nutrition

private number iconProviding assistance at mealtime. Prior to providing any food please speak with the care team daily to ensure there are no restrictions that day (e.g. fasting for a test or procedure).

Safety, Mobility and Falls Prevention

private number iconHelping with patient movement in bed, to the washroom, exercise and more. Please check daily with the care team for guidance on what movements are most appropriate for the patient that day.

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    Feb 22, 2024

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