Understanding the impact of public policies and programs on the labour market decisions of older workers (2019)

Employment and Social Development Canada
Description / Summary

The purpose of this environmental scan is to increase understanding of the impact of domestic and international public policies and programs on the choices of older workers (aged 55 and older) to remain in, retire from, or re-enter the labour force to inform public policy discussions, decisions and targeted program development in Canada.2
The environmental scan is specifically focused on public policies and programs:

  • Directly related to a worker’s labour market engagement (e.g., retirement income systems, flexible workplace arrangements, needed competencies to work and look for work, etc.). Although broader health, education, and social policies and programs also influence the decisions of older workers to participate in the labour market, they are beyond the scope of this study.
  • Specifically targeted at older workers. Policies and programs intended for workers of all ages are only included if evaluation findings related to the impact on older workers could be identified. No attempt is made to ‘extrapolate’ from aggregate evaluation findings to estimate the impacts of these broader public policies and programs on older workers.