Walk & Be Seen: Pedestrian Visibility Projects Report and Toolkit

Sabina Harpe & Lynn Shepherd
Description / Summary

The Project Report summarizes a project that was designed to 'train the trainer,' where those trained were representatives of various seniors-serving organizations. With free pedestrian visibility gear and craft materials provided by grant funding, the authors were able to schedule events for the trainees throughout the months of short daylength and inclement weather. The goal was to draw attention to the need for pedestrian visibility whenever walking on sidewalks, roadways and parking lots.

The report provides a toolkit of planning and communication materials that would make neighbourhood campaigns easier to organize and implement. A research summary and a model digital presentation give the rationale for organizing projects, especially for seniors. A survey and numerous comments from senior participants in the appendices offer insights into their responses to the project. Recommendations for follow-up to similar projects suggest how to reach audiences of all ages regarding the necessity and means for reducing the number of accidents involving pedestrians.