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Resources on CORE include checklists, toolkits, reports, studies, videos, and other materials on topics relevant to those working or volunteering in support of healthy aging and older adults independent living.

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[Resource] Evidence Synthesis for Older Adults. An Age and Ageing themed collection.

Terry Quinn, Susan Shenkin

Click HERE to access the full resource Keeping abreast of the latest evidence in older adult care is increasingly difficult, therefore comprehensive, objective, and critical assessment of the published literature is essential for effective health and social care. This is the rationale that has under

[Report] UN Decade of Healthy Ageing Progress Report, 2021-2023


Click HERE to learn moreAbout the UN Decade of Healthy Ageing Progress Report, 2021-2023The UN Decade of Healthy Ageing is an opportunity to work together to improve the lives of older people, their families, and their communities. The UN Decade sets an ambitious vision of a world in which all peopl

[Resource Library] National Housing Strategy Housing Programs and Initiatives

A Place to Call Home - National Housing Strategy

Housing Programs and InitiativesCanada's National Housing Strategy offers funding through a variety of programs and initiatives. It makes investments in housing working in partnership with non-profits, developers and government entities to increase housing supply and improve quality and affordabilit

[Webinar Recording] Innovative Transportation Solutions for Seniors Plus

United Way British Columbia

The webinar will focus on recent innovations in transportation services for seniors and others considered transportation disadvantaged. Examples come from an international scan of best practices, the Promising Models of Seniors’ Transportation in British Columbia report, new services designed for

[Video] Seniors Can Be Fraud-Fighting, Scam-Busting Superheroes, Too

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)

Fraudsters often target the elderly population, hoping to get their hands on seniors' hard-earned money. This video shows senior citizens what to look out for so they won't become victims of frauds and scams. It also provides tips for loved ones to help keep their elderly family and friends safe fro

[Resource] National Caregiving Survey – Summary of findings

Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence

To better understand the current experiences of caregivers and care providers across Canada, the Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence worked with Leger Communications to develop and deliver a pan-Canadian survey.The National Caregiving Survey summary of findings is the first data release from t

[Podcast] Age-Friendly Technologies

Coming of Age: Meeting the needs of our aging population

Click HERE to listen to this podcastAs the first of the Baby Boomers soon turn 80, how can technology enhance their lives and help them stay home? Finding the right tools, that make life simpler and easier, is key.In this episode, Donna Duncan is joined by Mike Agerbo, a digital living expert and f

[Resource] Connecting generations: planning and implementing interventions for intergenerational contact

World Health Organization

OverviewAgeism exists when “age” is used to categorize individuals and create social divisions, with ensuing injustice and harm and lack of solidarity across generations. Ageism is highly detrimental to our health and well-being and imposes a heavy cost on societies. The World Health Organizatio


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