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An important research finding among older Koreans in our project was the high level of dissatisfaction they expressed about their visits to family doctors in Canada, even when the doctor spoke Korean. To address this issue, particularly concerning dementia, Korean-speaking MOSAIC staff suggested we create a YouTube video to coach older Koreans about the system encounter. Their clients are familiar with and enjoy such videos. The ASBC liaison identified materials on speaking to your doctor about dementia and the signs of Alzheimer’s Disease as helpful to their content development. System navigation materials from Fraser Health were also included. Download the script in English and Korean here.

MOSAIC staff directed the content of the video to reflect their clients’ needs, they organized the translation of materials from the Alzheimer’s Society of BC (ASBC) and Fraser Health, secured a Korean graphic artist to create the infographics for the video, and worked with the Korean voiceover artist to ensure alignment. Finally, they were able to bring together two groups of older Koreans in (N=47) with whom we piloted the video (see agenda). Participants completed demographic and pre-post evaluation questions in Korean, for which we also provide an English version. Download the Project Overview for more details.

Both groups watched the video twice and their suggestions were incorporated into the final version. We asked one group (n=33) how many actually had a family doctor and only two raised their hands. This reflects the challenges of finding a suitable doctor. Both groups indicated that they enjoyed the video and they posed many more questions about system navigation topics that we had touched on, indicating a further need for education around services available, eligibility and cost to the end-user.

An ASBC staff member was on hand to answer the many questions about dementia from the audience. Questions and answers were translated by a MOSAIC staff member. A health authority representative also answered questions on system navigation remotely (by email). Having these supports in place was essential to the success of the consultation, and are recommended for future viewings of the video.

For further information on the entire Building Trust project, visit our group where you can see the full list of resources.

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