Webinar: Dementia Friendly Communities

Healthy Aging by United Way
Description / Summary

January was Alzheimer’s Awareness Month -  a reminder us that many people around us are living with dementia and that their lives  - and those of their caregivers - benefit significantly when other community members are sensitive to their situation and challenges. To keep this notion alive year-round, many communities are developing Dementia Friendly programs and policies – an effort led and supported in British Columbia by the Alzheimer’s Society of BC.

This webinar, led by Alzheimer Society of B.C. and Dementia Friendly North Shore, focuses on what is meant by "Dementia Friendly" and the kinds of programs, policies, practices, and resources that support this direction.


Jennifer Stewart, Manager of Advocacy and Education at the Alzheimer Society of B.C.

Jill Lawlor, Community Wellness Manager, District of West Vancouver


View the webinar here.