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Resources on CORE include checklists, toolkits, reports, studies, videos, and other materials on topics relevant to those working or volunteering in support of healthy aging and older adults independent living.

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[Resource] Diabetes Canada Virtual Learning

Diabetes Canada

Click HERE to learn moreDiabetes Deep Dives - Looking for in-depth information on diabetes management? Look no further than Diabetes Deep Dives, our video series that goes beyond the surface to explore the burning questions you have about diabetes. Our engaging experts, who have knowledge or lived e

[Resource] Arthritis Society Canada Support & Education

Arthritis Society Canada

Click HERE to learn moreOn this website you will find detailed information to help support you in your journey with arthritis, including how to find a doctor, accessing medications, learning to advocate, finding care and our Helpline. There are online courses on mental health, fatigue, chronic pain

[Resource] Evidence-Based Chronic Disease Self Management Education Programs


Evidence-Based Chronic Disease Self-Management Education ProgramsKey Takeaways80% of older adults live with least one chronic disease, and 68% have at least two. Many adults with chronic conditions struggle to manage them.Chronic disease self-management programs can help older adults gain contro

[Resource] Chronic Diseases & Conditions Organization Database

Caring Circle

Click HERE to learn moreCaring Circle has curated a database of Canadian organizations that provide information, support and services for a wide range of chronic diseases & conditions for seniors and older adults.

[Article] Recloseted at 80

Erica Lenti - The Aging City/The Local

Recloseted at 80Out of fear of discrimination, insensitive care, or even memory loss returning them to an earlier time, some LGBTQ2S+ seniors find themselves hiding their identities as they age.Click HERE to read the full article

[Resource] Measuring access to priority health services

Canadian Institute for Health Information

Canadian Institute for Health Information. Measuring access to priority health services. Home care, community care, mental health services and substance use services in CanadaNovember 30, 2023 — Updated information is now available about access to home and community care and to mental health and

[Resource] National Volunteer Action Strategy for Canada - Roadmap to Meet The Moment

Volunteer Canada

Click HERE to read the reportCanada’s longstanding tradition of volunteerism plays a vital role in upholding our social support system and building community resilience. Volunteerism is also a powerful vehicle for helping us address critical social, economic, health, and environmental issues. Howe

[Resource] Disenfranchised trajectories. Living in LTC as an older adults who has experienced homelessness

SFU Aging in the Right Place

Click HERE to read the Full ArticleAbstractWhile the pandemic has sparked a heightened awareness of some of the challenges of living and dying in long-term care (LTC), little is known about the impact that less normative life trajectories can have on residents’ experiences. Yet, more marginal life

[Resource] Meanings of Aging in the Right Place for Older Clients of a Temporary Housing Program

SFU Aging in the Right Place

Click HERE to read the Full ArticleAbstractBackground and ObjectivesThe concept of aging in place is acknowledged as the preference of older adults, yet without consideration of the intersections of diversity in later life is critiqued as unattainable, unrealistic, or even undesirable. This gave ris


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