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Resources on CORE include checklists, toolkits, reports, studies, videos, and other materials on topics relevant to those working or volunteering in support of healthy aging and older adults independent living.

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Family Matters: Grandparents in Canada

Statistics Canada

Understanding the ways in which grandparents contribute to their families and interact with children and grandchildren is key to assessing community and cultural well-being in Canada. As structures and demographics of families in Canada continue to evolve, grandparents play an important role in fam

The Best of Care: Getting it Right for Seniors in British Columbia (Part 2) - Systemic Investigation Update (February 2019)

Office of the Ombudsperson (BC)

The Best of Care: Getting it Right for Seniors in British Columbia (Part 2) is a two-volume report released by the Office of the Ombudsperson in February 2012.1 It was the product of a comprehensive investigation into home and community care programs delivered to seniors in British Columbia by the M

Gauging Aging: Mapping the Gaps between Expert and Public Understandings of Aging in America

Frameworks Institute

This report provides a detailed understanding of what those communicating about aging are up against in public thinking, as well as a set of research-based recommendations to inform future communications in this field. In documenting expert and public perspectives, and enumerating the places where t

Stories Worth Telling: A Guide to Storytelling for Non-Profits

Capacity Canada

If everyone understands the role of stories in an organization and feels that they are valued for their contribution, then you start to build a storytelling culture that positively feeds and supports program development, continuous improvement, human resources, evaluation, marketing, fundraising–

ENGAGING OLDER WOMEN IN YOUR COMMUNITY A Promising Practices Guide for Women’s and Senior ServingOrganizations

By Krista James and Raissa Lea Dickinson

Engaging Older Women in your Community is a promising practices tool developed as an outcome of the Older Women’s Dialogue Project (OWDP). The publication is intended to support your agency to anticipate and address structural barriers to the participation of older women in community initiatives a

Monitoring Seniors Services 2018

Office of the Seniors Advocate British Columbia

The Office of the Seniors Advocate’s (OSA) fourth annual Monitoring Seniors Services report looks at programs and services offered to seniors in B.C. and measures performance on a year over year basis. Report highlights include: The number of home support clients decreased 1.4% to 43,831 in 20

Beyond the Conversation

Beyond The Conversation exists to engage, empower, and inspire seniors, new immigrants, refugees, and youth. We are a volunteer-led initiative who are driven to use the English language as a vehicle to foster a sense of belonging, self-confidence, and connection to the community. Our goal is to off

Age-Friendly Workplace Charter

​Government of Canada

Customizable Charter for Workplaces We are an age-friendly workplace We believe: Age-friendly workplaces promote healthy aging and diversity. Hiring persons of all ages, including older workers, can contribute to our overall success. Older workers' experience is an asset to the orga


​Government of Canada

The earlier you start planning, the more prepared you will be to respond to changes that may occur as you age such as changes in your health, mobility or social connections. To successfully plan ahead, you need to start thinking about how you want to live as you age and what steps you need to take t


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